planthandsEstablished by Colorado Supreme Court Rule 254, COLAP cannot release any information without a signed release. All communications with COLAP are held in the strictest confidence.

Pursuant to Rule 254(6)(a), information and actions taken by the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP) shall be privileged and held in strictest confidence and shall not be disclosed or required to be disclosed to any person or entity outside of COLAP, unless such disclosure is authorized by the member of the legal profession to whom it relates.

Therefore, when a person contacts the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (whether a person is calling for him or herself, or on behalf of a colleague), all interactions are held in strict confidence.

We Would Love To Share Our Success Stories,
But They Are Completely Confidential.

 For more information or for confidential assistance,
please contact COLAP at 303.986.3345