1. Where should I call if I am (or someone I know is) feeling unsafe, experiencing suicidal thoughts, or experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency?  

2. Does the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program offer legal services to the general public?

  • No, COLAP is a broad-brush wellness program exclusively for Judges, Lawyers, and Law Students.  If you need legal representation or advice, Click Here to be re-directed to the Colorado Bar Association’s website for their attorney search feature.

3. I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed; I am having a hard time meeting deadlines and am worried I might be grieved; I don’t want my employer, the OARC, or anyone else to know.  Is there confidential help available?

  • Yes, COLAP can provide confidential assistance.  COLAP cannot report professional misconduct, or ethical questions from callers.  All communication with COLAP is confidential, privileged, and cannot be released without a signed release from the individual the information pertains to.  The only exception is the state imposed duty upon COLAP clinical staff to report threats of harm to self, to others, to locations, and/or elder or child abuse pursuant to Rule 254.

4. How can I help a colleague who might be:

    • Going through a divorce or having difficulty with family relationships,
    • Grieving a loss,
    • Having issues with memory or cognitive functioning,
    • Dealing with retirement issues,
    • Having a difficult time coping with stress,
    • Acting in a way that is unprofessional,
    • Using or abusing alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication, or 
    • Depressed or anxious?
  • If you are comfortable discussing the behaviors causing you concern, talk to your colleague about your worries and be specific in addressing your observations.  You may be the life line for your colleague; encourage them to call COLAP.  If you are hesitant to initiate a discussion with your colleague, call COLAP at 303-986-3345 or email info@coloradolap.org to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  A staff member will consult with you about your options and ways to approach your colleague.

5. Does COLAP provide referrals for counseling or treatment?

  • COLAP provides referrals specifically tailored for judges, lawyers, and law students to vetted treatment providers experienced in working with high-level professionals and to facilities with professionals tracks.

6. Is COLAP part of the Office of Attorney Regulations, Office of Attorney Admissions, or the Colorado Bar Association?

  • No, COLAP is a confidential and independent program established under Supreme Court Rule 254.  COLAP offices are located away from the OARC, CBA, law firms, and courts.  

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