Legal Enemy No. 1
How to cope with perfectionism, impostor syndrome, & social anxiety.

Quick Ways to Improve Happiness
How to improve your health & intelligence by improving your mood.

Resilient Legal Organizations
How leaders can cultivate resiliency within their legal organization.

Stress Rolls Downhill
How to survive a stressful career & workplace.

Overcoming Surprising Pitfalls of Intelligence
Balancing IQ and EQ for a successful career

Do You Feel Stuck?
Constructive ways to get “unstuck”

Build Your Resiliency to Change
Practical ways to cope with change and stress

Decision Fatigue
Simplify the choices you make in a day

Feeling Exhausted
Reduce fatigue and increase resilience to stress

Lawyers and Relationships
Tips for improving your communication skills

Help is Out There
How can your Lawyer Assistance Program help you?

Attention Management
Increase your focus to accomplish what needs to get done in a busy day.

Feeling Rushed or Overwhelmed
Learn how to cope when you are pulled in many directions.

Self-Imposed Limitations
Learn how to rise above and mitigate obstacles.

Self-Assessment For Well-Being
A quick assessment of your well-being.

Whose Stress is it, Anyway?  It can be difficult to figure out whose stress you are reacting to. Is it yours or theirs?

Why Lawyers Need Self-Care
Simple self-care techniques to mitigate the unique stressors lawyers face.

Why People Behave Badly
How to understand people’s needs when they are being difficult.

Articles for Law Students
Tips for thriving in law school & cultivating a healthy career.

De-Stress Quickly
Easy and free ways to relax your nervous system in mere moments.

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