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Mitigating Stress: Self-Care For Law Students
Quick ways to mitigate the inevitable stress of law school.

Tips For Staying Sane During Exams
Simple life hacks to make studying less stressful

Holiday Survival Tips
Why the stress of the holiday season is worse for law students, and ways to cope with it.

Manage Your Attention
Quick tips to help you focus on what’s important in a world of constant noise.

10 Things You Should Give Up In Order To Move Forward
Removing self-imposed obstacles in order to achieve success. 

20 Ways To Be A Good Lawyer
How to be your best professional self.

5 Tips For Improving Any Relationship
How to enjoy better relationships, both personally and professionally.

Quick Tips to Improve Communication
To be a successful law student, and one day a successful attorney, learning to communicate effectively is key.  Find out quick, simple tips to improve this valuable skill.

Quick Ways to Increase Happiness
Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC-AD 65) said, ““True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future…”  The problem for law students and lawyers is that because much of our time is spent preparing for the future, it’s difficult for us to fully enjoy the present, and research shows that impacts our happiness levels.

Articles for Law Students:

Simplify in 2017
Law students often report to us that they are “too busy” and “overwhelmed.”  Find out how to have more time to enjoy your life; personally and professionally.

How to Manage Your Attention
Every law student understands the importance of good time management; but, what about attention management?  Learn more about how to maximize your efficiency. 

How to Improve Relationships
Lawyers lead busy, stressful lives that can make cultivating healthy personal relationships difficult.  Find out why personal relationships are so important, and ways you can improve them.

Where is Your Energy Going?
Do your daily habits deplete your mental, emotional, and physical energy?  Find out which habits can help you regenerate and re-energize.

The Hidden Risks of Being Judgmental
Law students spend a lot of time using critical thinking skills and making judgments.  But what happens when using these qualities with family and friends makes you critical and judgmental?  Find out how to strike a balance now before you become an attorney!

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Think
Cognitive distortions can create anxiety, depression, and negatively impact relationships.  Want to know which ones you have?  Discover more about why we experience cognitive distortions, and the most common ones.

Are You a Perfectionist?
Everyone has some version of perfectionism, and law students are no exception.  The practice of law is full of different types of perfectionistic tendencies; some are helpful and some are harmful.  Find out which ones can help you in law school!

How to Get Out Of Your Own Way
What sort of negative or unreasonable limitations do you impose on yourself that prevent you from being happy, content, and joyful?  Even in a stressful environment like law school, find out how you can change self-imposed limitations on your mental well-being.

Easy Ways to De-Stress
Life is stressful, and final exams add to that stress.  Find out how to stay cool, calm, and collected.

Why Smiling Improves Your Health
Not only does smiling improve your physical and mental health, it can also improve your personal and professional relationships.  Find out more about why this simple act can help.

The Surprising Benefits of Music
Did you know that listening to music can improve your hearing, your memory, your immune system, and your sleep?

Think You’re Multitasking?
Think you have that highly prized “skill” of multitasking down?  Think again.  What we believe to be multitasking is actually a myth.  Find out how you can help yourself be more productive without it! 

Power Up by Powering Down
Our personal, academic, and professional lives are greatly impacted by technology, and that impact has both positive and negative aspects.  Find out how to reduce the negative effects and maximize the positive.

Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep
Getting enough sleep is crucial for your physical, mental, and emotional health, yet law students and lawyers get the least sleep of any profession.

Do You Have Decision Fatigue?
How many decisions do you think you make in a day?  A week?  A month?  With so many choices to make in our academic, professional, and personal lives, the potential for “analysis paralysis,” anxiety, and depression is high.  

The Importance of Self-Care for Law Students
As Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”  Self-care can mean ten different things to ten different people, but one thing is certain:  taking care of yourself has to be a priority in law school. 

Feeling Rushed or Overwhelmed?
Law students and Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit have a lot in common.  Wondering what that might be?  Here are ways to feel less rushed and overwhelmed.

The Fastest Way to Increase Brain Power and Improve Health
How many hours a day do you spend sitting?  Even if you exercise, sitting for 8 or more hours a day severely compromises both your mental and physical health.  Law students need all the brain power they can get! 

Know Someone Who is Co-dependent?
Chances are, you know someone who is co-dependent.  Learn how to recognize and understand co-dependency, and how to deal with it! 

Why Mantras Work
Repeating a word or phrase may seem like a simple way to reduce stress, but brain research shows the effects are particularly beneficial for law students.

How to Worry Less and Reduce Anxiety
Surprisingly, the steps to worrying less are very simple.   

Why Stress is Contagious
The demands of life can be overwhelming.  When we get stressed, it is contagious.  What happens when many “stressed out” people are around each other?  Find out and learn how to mitigate that stress.

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