COLAP Services

tree bulbReasons to Call COLAP:

  • Stress & Burn-out
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Secondary Trauma & Compassion Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Depression, or other Mental Health Concerns
  • Alcohol and/or Drug Use Issues
  • Professional Concerns
  • Relationship Issues

How COLAP Helps:

Balance & Well-being

  • COLAP is a safe place to call for assistance with any personal or professional issue.
  • COLAP will talk you through the issues that are concerning you.
  • COLAP can help you find a treatment provider to assist you when you are going through hard times.

Education & Outreach

  • COLAP educates and presents on well-being topics such as stress management, compassion fatigue, suicide prevention and the neuro-biological sources of stress.
  • COLAP works with Bar Associations, Law Firms, Inns of Court, Judicial Districts, Law Schools, and Government Agencies to help educate Lawyers, Judges, and Law Students about their free, confidential, assistance program and how it can help them mitigate stress in the legal profession.

What happens when you call COLAP:
When we are stressed, overwhelmed, or going through a hard time, it is difficult to know what issues or assistance we might need.  COLAP staff will work with you to sort and clarify your situation, and to determine resources that might work for you.

  • When you call COLAP, you will be greeted by friendly, experienced staff who will assist you:
    • Work with you to determine what areas of your life are causing you stress.
    • Help make suggestions regarding what resources are available to you.
    • Make referrals to specialists who can help you with issues both large and small.
    • Help you establish and document a track record of sobriety, good mental health, and general well-being.

Quick Tips for Well-Being

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 9-1-1
COLAP is a wellness program exclusively for Judges, Lawyers, and Law Students.

COLAP does not provide legal advice or attorney referrals. If you have found us by accident, please Click Here to be re-directed to the Colorado Bar Association’s website for an attorney search feature.

We Would Love To Share Our Success Stories,
But They Are Completely Confidential.

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