For Judges

balanced mtnJudges are often in the best position to see problems or impairment in their colleagues on the bench or lawyers practicing in their courtroom.  If you have concerns about a colleague or lawyer, please feel free to contact COLAP.

However, like all members of the legal profession, judges and magistrates also face problems that have the potential to impact their careers and their personal lives.

A judge’s problem is more likely to go unnoticed and untreated because of the insular nature of their work.   Judges are frequently reluctant to seek help because they are concerned that their problems will become known within the legal community or to the public.

Judges who may be experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, or any other problem that affects their personal and professional life can safely call the Colorado Lawyers Assistance Program for confidential assistance.  This includes concerns regarding the health and well-being of family members, friends or colleagues.

A confidential conversation with COLAP’s Executive Director can be the beginning of a solution to the problem.

Problems Are Not A Sign Of Failure But An Opportunity For Growth!

For more information or for confidential assistance,
please contact COLAP at 303.986.3345