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balanced mtnThe Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program is NOT just for lawyers!  We are also your Judicial Assistance Program.

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Judges are often in the best position to recognize problematic behavior, suffering, or impairment in lawyers practicing in their courtroom (or during virtual hearings), or in colleagues on the bench – which is why the judiciary has a strong relationship with COLAP.

Judges and magistrates also call COLAP for support with their own stress management, well-being concerns such as secondary trauma, issues with staff or at home with family, and a wide range of behavioral health needs.  Whether it’s for yourself or someone you are concerned about, or you would like us to give a free ethics CLE presentation on a well-being topic in your court, district, Inn of Court, or local bar, calling COLAP can be the start to finding a solution.

Judicial Officers are more likely to suffer in silence because of the insular nature of their work, or concern that their problems will become known within the legal community or to the public.  Judicial Officers can safely call or email COLAP for confidential assistance:  303-986-3345 or

Reasons to Call COLAP:

  • Stress & Burn-out
  • Professional Concerns
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Secondary Trauma & Compassion Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Depression, or other Mental Health Concerns
  • Alcohol & Drug Use
  • Addiction Issues including Gambling, Food, Internet, & Sex
  • Relationship Issues

Free & Confidential COLAP Services Include:

  • Consultations for any personal or professional issue
  • Ethics CLE presentations on well-being topics
  • Workplace consultations: support for leadership to create a district wide or courthouse culture of well-being and/or address systemic issues to improve wellness, staff engagement & job satisfaction
  • Therapeutic & clinical referrals
  • Recovery support 
  • Mental health & well-being support
  • Help with informal or formal interventions, or concern for a colleague
  • Connection with peer-to-peer assistance
  • Referrals to other available resources
  • Literature, articles, and tips specifically for legal professionals
  • Critical incident/traumatic event support & processing
  • Judicial Rountables:  debriefing & well-being support with colleagues at Annual Judicial Conferences (can be tailored for your district)

Calling COLAP:

When we are stressed, overwhelmed, or going through a hard time, it is difficult to know where to start or what assistance we might need.  COLAP staff will work with you to clarify your situation and determine appropriate and helpful resources, including those specifically tailored for the legal community.

We Would Love To Share Our Success Stories,
But They Are Completely Confidential.

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