COLAP is here to support you


Family, friends, colleagues, or other legal professionals are able to recognize when a member of the legal profession is struggling. While legal professionals experience mental health issues and addiction at rates higher than the general population, they can be adept at hiding their struggles, focusing more on their clients’ problems than their own, and may strive to appear “invincible.” However, family members, friends, and colleagues observe changes in behavior, mood, and routine that can signal someone is going through a difficult time (see below). Confidentially reaching out to COLAP on behalf of a legal professional can be the first step in getting them much needed assistance. COLAP staff will identify strategies for helping the member of the legal community you are reaching out about, and how to maintain your own well-being. We are prohibited from sharing your identity; your call and any information you provide will remain confidential and anonymous.



  • Irritability, short-tempered, withdrawn.
  • “Ghosting” or avoiding others.
  • Disheveled appearance or compromised personal hygiene.
  • Missed court appearances, appointments, or deadlines.
  • Declining work product or tardiness.
  • Disinterest in work or hobbies they previously enjoyed.
  • Confusion, difficulty focusing, or indecisiveness.
  • Impaired judgement or self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Disregard for the well-being of others.
  • Self-medicating with substances (drugs or alcohol).
  • Self-medicating with processes (internet, gaming, gambling, shopping, eating, pornography).
  • Head or body aches, frequent illness.
  • Physical or mental fatigue.
  • Changes in weight, sleep, & libido.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Feeling isolated, lonely, cynical, apathetic, or depressed.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious or worried.


A specialized and licensed clinician, experienced in working with legal professionals and their families, will schedule your free and confidential consultation. We provide education, practical strategies based on evidence and research-based techniques, tailored resources, and collaborative support in planning your next steps. During the consultation, COLAP staff will:

  • Ask about your concerns to learn more and get a complete understanding of the personal and professional issues that might be contributing to the situation,
  • Provide education, when appropriate, to help facilitate understanding about the issues and concerns you identify,
  • Identify resources that may be beneficial to you and the legal professional in your life, and
  • Help strategize a plan for supporting both you and the member of the legal community you are concerned about.