COLAP began assisting Colorado judges, lawyers, and law students in January 2012, following the adoption of Rule 254 by the Colorado Supreme Court in June 2011. COLAP’s mission is to promote the well-being, resiliency, and competency of the legal community. Over the past 10 years, we have achieved this by addressing behavioral health concerns, including mental health, substance use, and addiction issues that may compromise an individual’s career, professionalism, cognitive skills, relationships, health, and overall efficacy.

COLAP services include education, individual and workplace consultations, stakeholder integration, providing thoroughly vetted and tailored referrals for personal and professional needs, and voluntary monitoring agreements. Our goal is to improve the civility and integrity of the legal profession, to assist in the retention of competent lawyers, and to protect the interests of the public.

COLAP operates independently from other agencies and entities, including the OARC and the CBA, and all communications with COLAP are privileged and confidential. The COLAP team is uniquely qualified to assist the legal community with both their behavioral health issues and career-related concerns, and all share a deep-seated commitment to this work.

The COLAP team is committed to assisting Colorado’s legal community navigate personal and professional challenges and stressors. As lawyers, legal professionals, and licensed clinicians, our team is uniquely qualified to assist you and your colleagues, workplaces, and families with your overall well-being and specific behavioral health concerns.