COLAP Is Your Judicial Assistance Program

Judicial Officers across Colorado confidentially contact COLAP for their own needs, and out of concern for others. Judges are often in the best position to recognize problematic behavior, suffering, or impairment in lawyers practicing in their courtroom, colleagues, staff, and family members. Judicial Officers also contact COLAP for support with their own well-being concerns including stress management, secondary trauma, and a wide range of behavioral health needs.

Research shows that judges can be hesitant to seek assistance due to the inherent exposure to trauma, the isolation of your work, heavy dockets, and the importance of maintaining a strong reputation. Judicial Officers are more likely to suffer in silence because of the insular nature of their work, or due to privacy concerns. Rest assured that all contact with COLAP is privileged and confidential per Rule 254, so you can safely call COLAP for confidential assistance.

Whether it is for yourself or someone you are concerned about, or you would like us to give a free ethics CLE presentation on a well-being topic in your court, district, Inn of Court, or local bar, calling COLAP can be the start to finding a solution.

Reasons Judges Contact COLAP

  • Request a well-being presentation (ethics CLEs) or workplace culture consultation for their district, team, or staff
  • Concerns about a lawyer, a colleague, staff, or a family member
  • Request a therapy referral for yourself, spouse/partner, child, or family member
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or dealing with secondary trauma or burnout
  • Persistent fatigue and low energy
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Increased irritability or impatience
  • Health or sleep difficulties
  • Escalating behavioral health concerns, including mental health, substance use, and addiction issues
  • Traditional coping strategies are no longer working
  • Thinking of making a career change or retiring
  • Interest in personal and professional resources


A specialized and licensed clinician, experienced in working with judicial officers and their families, will schedule your free and confidential consultation. We provide education, practical strategies based on evidence and research-based techniques, tailored resources, and collaborative support in planning your next steps. During the consultation, COLAP staff will:

  1. Ask about your concerns to learn more and get a complete understanding of the personal and professional issues that might be contributing to the situation,
  2. Provide education, when appropriate, to help facilitate understanding about the issues and concerns you identify,
  3. Identify resources that may be beneficial to you and the legal professional in your life, and
  4. Help strategize a plan for supporting both you and the member of the legal community you are concerned about.