For Law Students


Law School is stressful.  The expectations, responsibilities, and work load that law students face can be overwhelming.  Just like judges and lawyers, law students can experience the consequences of living a stressful life including exhaustion, time management problems, depression, anxiety, and substance use problems.

Navigating the bar application process while completing law school can pose its own unique set of stressors and challenges.  The Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program helps applicants find resources during this process, particularly for character and fitness issues.

Thankfully, law students are in the best position to develop good habits and find resources that can help mitigate the stress.  COLAP is a free and confidential resource for law students and bar applicants to build resiliency and develop coping strategies for a career in the legal profession.

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Problems Are Not A Sign Of Failure But An Opportunity For Growth!
For more information or for confidential assistance,
please contact COLAP at 303.986.3345